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The Octasmart® Essentials Topper

Upgrade your bed into a sleep sanctuary with a memory foam mattress topper (without buying a new mattress!)

Our award winning Octaspring® technology has been scientifically proven to help you sleep faster, deeper and longer. Our mattress topper reduces pressure to relieve pain and promotes air flow for a cooler night's sleep.

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  • 100s of individual support points that reduce pressure and relieve pain
  • 8x more breathable than standard foam to regulate your body temperature
  • Hypo-allergenic with enhanced air circulation

Millions of people around the world trust Octasmart® for the best night’s sleep

“We came across the Essentials Topper and we couldn’t believe that a topper could have an amazing transformation of our old mattress. It was such a better solution than having to buy a whole new mattress again. This is the best investment that we could make for our family.”

- Arron & Family

“This topper transformed the old mattress completely. It feels so comfortable it’s like new. We get 8 hours of sleep now. It’s fantastic!”

- Hanna & Nick

“The Essential Topper is very cool and breathable. I’m getting that really deep sleep that I need and waking up much fresher in the morning. Well at our age, we need to look after our health.”

- Barbara & Gino

Reinvented from the most advanced sleep technology in the market

The Octasmart® Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a simple and affordable way of instantly improving the comfort of your old mattress, sofa or guest bed.


Award Winning

The Octasmart® Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Topper uses our award winning Octaspring® foam spring technology to give you outstanding comfort and support. It breathes with you to keep you cool all night long.

Cooler Sleep

Our Mattress Topper delivers 25x cooler sleep with our expertly crafted Octacell™ technology integrated with 10,000 air filled cells. These magical little cells provide cool comfort helping you to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Ultimate Comfort

Octacell™ technology has the power to create balanced harmony with the natural contours of your body, encouraging pressure relieving comfort that supports your sleep with the Octasmart® Essentials Memory Mattress Topper.

The highest quality materials for the most comfortable sleep

Octasmart uses the highest quality materials
  • A

    Signature Micro-Air Pocket Cover

    Cooling you with an extra breath of fresh air, the Mattress Topper not only has breathable mesh sides but also has hundreds of micro comfort air pockets infused in its signature cover… cooling you for a longer deeper sleep.

  • B

    Octacell™ Memory

    Naturally contouring your body with a layer of Octacell™ memory technology, the Mattress Topper harnesses pressure relieving support and climate controlling properties to help soothe you to sleep with over 10,000 open air channels.

  • C

    Aerocell® Base

    Thanks to its permanently elastic 3D structure, the Aerocell® foam base of the Mattress Topper helps to comfort your sleep with blissfully balanced support.

  • D

    Non-Slip Base

    The non-slip base keeps your mattress topper firmly in place all night long.

Relieves Aches and Pains

Hundreds of individual support points that adapt to any body type for correct spine alignment, reducing pressure on your back, hips and shoulders, relieving pain and improving sleep quality.

Pure Freshness

With naturally antimicrobial technology, our Mattress Topper helps to wick away unwanted moisture from your mattress thanks to its hypo-allergenic signature cover. Not only does it hold the promise of a fresh night’s sleep but it also guarantees to protect you from allergens, mold and dust mites.

Zero Motion Transfer

Sharing a bed can be a struggle, especially if there’s a restless sleeper involved. The dynamic design of the Octasmart® Essentials Memory Topper is tailored to absorb any disruptive movement with an Octacell™ support system that promotes zero motion transfer.

8 Year Warranty

With our Octasmart® Essentials Memory Topper, you’re guaranteed 8 years of extraordinary sleep. Thanks to our innovative technology, our above industry standard 8-year warranty holds the promise of long lasting comfort, because our experts are committed to cradling your dreams with care.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Our Octaspring® technology uses 50% less material creating less waste than other products and no metal which is better for the environment.

Perfect For Guests

Transform spare beds, couches, futons, and even floors into a comfortable guest bed.


The Sleep Technology That Keeps On Winning Awards

Our patented Octaspring® technology is taking the world by storm:

Big Innovation 2019

Emma 2019

ICONICO Awards 2019

Travel Retail Awards 2019

German Innovation Winner 2019

80 Winks of Sleep Trial

We’re so sure you’ll love your Octasmart® Essentials Memory topper that we want to make you a deal. Try it out for at least 30 nights to give your body and the topper time to adapt to each other. After that, you have up to 50 nights, if you don’t absolutely LOVE it just let us know and you can request a full refund.

The Affordable Comfort Upgrade of Your Bed… Proven to Deliver Faster, Deeper, and Longer Sleep

  • Free shipping
  • 80 night risk-free trial
  • 8 year limited warranty
  • Over 6 million happy customers worldwide
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Essentials Topper


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Watch how the Octasmart® Essentials Memory Topper transforms a bed of nails into a bed of dreams

Frequently Asked Questions
Octasmart® Essentials Memory toppers comes in all standard sizes:
Octasmart® essentials Memory topper 90 X 200x5cm
Octasmart essentials Memory topper 140 X 190x5cm
Octasmart essentials Memory topper 160x200x5cm
Octasmart essentials Memory topper 180x200x5cm
90 X 200 x5cm – approx. - 35 x 35 x 55 x 6.36kg
140 X 190 x 5– approx. - 35 x 35 x 85 x 9.58kg
160 X 200 x 5 – approx. - 35 x 35 x 85 x 11.21kg
180 X 200 x 5- - approx. 35 x 35 x 105 x 12.01kg
Staying cool is vital to good sleep. Your body temperature naturally falls in the evening, signaling that it’s time for bed. A lower temperature also tells your body to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. There’s no doubt that you get better sleep when you’re cool and comfortable (not hot and sweaty). The American Sleep Foundation has even recognized temperature as the #1 disrupter of sleep.
Our Octasmart® Essentials Memory toppers features our re-engineered Octaspring® technology which delivers 25X cooler sleep with our expertly crafted Octacell™ technology integrated with 10,000 air filled cells. These magical little cells provide cool comfort helping you to sleep faster, deeper and longer. We don’t use surface chemicals (which lose their cool once you’re on them).
Yes! The hypo-allergenic, ultra-breathable top cover adds luxury to the topper, enhances air circulation, and wicks away moisture providing you a healthier sleep space!
Shipping times are currently 5-10 days depending on where you are in the country.
The Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow is 15cm high x 40cm wide x 60cm long.
It generally takes that amount of time for your body to adjust to sleeping on a proper support surface. We want you to be fully satisfied with your product and ask that you give it a minimum of 30 nights before being eligible to return it within our 80 Night, Risk Free Trial.
Our Octasmart® Essentials Memory toppers is 5cm thick. It starts with a deep layer of high density Octacell memory foam layer followed by Ecocell support layer. They combine perfectly to cradle your body and offer superior support creating an unbelievably comfortable sleep space.
We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest Customer Service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to email:
No, the cover is not washable. You can spot clean it with wet cloth and dry it thoroughly before sleeping on it.
Yes, our topper works great on an adjustable bed!
Yes, it is. Due to our Octacell Technology, our products use 50% less materials creating less waste and no metals which is better for the environment.