Our Story

Our Sleep Story

Hi, we’re Octasmart®, a sleep company with a difference. We are a sleep technology company powered by the magical formula of Octaspring® Aerospace technology - the only true sleep innovation created in decades. 

We have one simple mission at the heart of everything we do – change the way people sleep for the better, one day at a time.  A good night’s sleep can transform how your day will go… and that’s where we come in - giving you the best chance of an amazing start to your day, thanks to an amazing night’s sleep.

Our Technology

Octasmarts® story starts with our Octaspring® Aerospace technology which inspires all our unique sleep solutions.  Designed with sleep in mind, our Octaspring® Aerospace technology embodies a never-seen-before combination of comfort and support thanks to its single foam spring.

Being dreamers at heart, we took our technology to the skies transforming aerospace passenger comfort on a global scale, whilst saving the world’s environment.  Now, we are taking it back to your bedroom, living room, office and even your driveway.


The Octasmart® Difference

Like you, our team of experts at Octasmart® have a dream. A dream to bring Octaspring® Aerospace Technology to the comfort of your own home. Whether that’s sitting or sleeping more comfortably, we have reimagined how Octaspring® can transform comfort. With its naturally cooling benefits, incredible support and lightweight eco - friendly design, our new aerospace-inspired solutions are proven to deliver faster, deeper, longer sleep so that when you wake, you’re ready to make your dreams a reality. What’s more, we’re committed to your comfort whilst reducing the impact it leaves on the planet as, unlike the average foam mattress brand, the Octasmart® range cuts carbon emissions in half with the unique, light-weight technology of Octaspring®.